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The Geek Culture in the urban environment: the comics’ characters in Cranio's graffiti

This text deals with Cartoon-Style Graffiti and aims to address many elements of the Geek Culture, especially the comics’ characters which are misappropriated in the graffiti of the Brazilian artist called Cranio. Cranio’s work is characterized by the presence of indigenous characters which are in blue and in single panel. In some of these graffiti projects, these characters interact with comics characters. The cartoon style of his drawings, the colors, as well as the narratives subverts the forms of the use of the licensed characters and ends up demystifying symbols of cultural domination.

International Journal of Comic Art (2019) - Impresso, v. 21, n.2, p. 221-233



João Batista Freitas Cardoso

Evandro Gabriel Izidoro Merli

Lucas Scavone

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