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The V mask in translation

This article aims to analyze the process of translation of the character V from commercial systems (graphic novel and the film “V for Vendetta”), through licensing, to subversive systems (the use of masks in the video Anonymous and in the Occupy Movements), through appropriations. The text intends to reflect on the construction of the character in this process of multiple translations. To understand the different forms of application and appropriation for each one of these systems, as well as the resulting visual and conceptual alterations, use will be made of the concept of translation developed by Lótman (1996). Considering that the process of redefinition involves the symbolic exchange between original meanings in the serial narratives and the meanings generated by the appropriations, the article intends to respond to the following question: What signs characterize the translation of the character from commercial to subversive systems?

International Journal of Comic Art (2018) - Impresso (v.20, n.2, p. 46.4-477)


João Batista Freitas Cardoso

Caio Mattos

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